P1/P2 , P3 , P4 & P5 Saturday 7th April 2018

9:00 am first matches 9:30 am

P6 & P7 Sunday 8th April 2018

 Sunday 10:00 am first matches 10:30 am

Parents and players

Please arrive early to allow drop off and car share wherever possible.

Plenty of parking is available in the top and lower car parks please DO NOT PARK on the access road to club house as this causes delay, there will be parking attendants helping in the car park so please pay attention to them and park correctly. PSNI have advised us that parking on the pavement on Dual carriageway may incur a parking fine and or warning.

Please do not stop on the driveway to drop off as this causes unnecessary delays and can back the traffic up onto the main road.

There will be hot food and drinks available upstairs in the clubhouse before, during and after the games. 

We respectfully remind you that dogs are not permitted on the club grounds as per Shaw’s Bridge Sports Association regulations.

Sideline behaviour

At Shawsbridge both Cooke and Instonians are following the IRFU sideline behaviour initiative. Please communicate this to all your coaches and parents prior to the festival (attached).


Each club is to provide a referee to referee 2 matches

Festival will observe the IRFU Mini and Leprechaun Rugby Regulations 2017/2018 and code of conduct (attached )

Lead coaches briefing upstairs on balcony

·         Saturday 9:10 am first matches 9:30 am

·         Sunday 10:10 am first matches 10:30 am


First Aid

The first aid point will be located in the small car park beside the flag pole !

There will be snack box provided for all participants, you will be allocated a time to collect this on the morning.

Please remember this event is all about participation and enjoyment for the players, as always I’m sure the players will judge the day on the results but we will judge the day on the enjoyment  of the players, coaches and spectators so please make it fun for all

Any queries please come back to me directly.


Instonians Rugby Football Club

123 Milltown Rd, Belfast BT8 7XP