Declaration of Intent 

This Declaration of Intent is for coaches, volunteers and relevant personnel working with young people and/or vulnerable adults. Coaches, volunteers and relevant personnel should also familiarise themselves with IRFU’s Safeguarding Policy and agree to abide by its terms. 

In rugby, I agree that I should 

  • Be positive during sessions and competitions, praise and encourage effort as well as results 
  • Put welfare of Player first, strike a balance between this and winning and/or results, player needs are paramount 
  • Encourage fair play and treat Players equally 
  • Recognise developmental needs, ensuring activities are appropriate for the individual 
  • Plan and prepare appropriately 
  • Have experience relevant to working with young people/vulnerable or hold up- to-date qualifications and be committed to attend training and/or the guidelines in the IRFU Safeguarding Policy 
  • Involve parents where possible and inform parents when problems arise 
  • Keep a brief record of injury(s) and action taken and/or keep a brief record of problem/action/outcomes, if behavioural problems arise and discuss any such issues with the Club Welfare Officer 
  • Report any concerns to the Club Welfare Officer in accordance with confidentiality 

Where possible I will avoid: 

  • Spending excessive amounts of time with Players away from others 
  • Taking sessions alone, without adequate supervision and unsighted 
  • Constant communication with individual Age-Grade Players by mobile phone or email or social media forums – communication will be for the purpose of team administration 
  • Taking Age-Grade Players to my home 
  • Taking Age-Grade Players on journeys alone in my car without parental permission 

I understand that I should not: 

  • Use any form of physical punishment or physical force on a Player, or ridicule or intimidate Players in any way 
  • Exert undue influence over any Players in order to obtain personal benefit or reward 
  • Neglect my ‘position of trust’ irrespective of age of consent 
  • Engage in rough physical games, sexually provocative games or allow or engage in inappropriate touching of any kind, and /or make sexually suggestive comments about, or to a Player. This includes innuendo, flirting or inappropriate gestures and terms 
  • Take measurements or engage in certain types of fitness testing without the presence of another adult 
  • Undertake any form of therapy (hypnosis, massage, etc.) in the training of Players for which I am not appointed to or trained for 

Self-Declaration I agree that 

  • I will abide by the guidelines contained in the IRFU Safeguarding Policy 
  • I have not been asked to leave a sporting organisation or organisation while working with young people and/or vulnerable adults 
  • There is no reason why I should not be working with young people and vulnerable adults and/or in a regulated activity 
  • I have not been convicted of a criminal offence or been the subject of a caution; a Bound Over Order; or am not at present the subject of criminal investigations 

Where I cannot agree to all statements above, I have discussed the relevant details with the Club or Branch Welfare Officer to allow an appropriate risk assessment to be made relevant to my role. 

Declaration of Intent by coach/volunteer to Irish Rugby 

I, ______________________________, of ______________________ Club/Organisation, hereby acknowledge that I have received a link to the IRFU’s Safeguarding Policy. I acknowledge that I understand the Policy and hereby declare my intention to adhere to the Safeguarding Policy and related guidelines. I agree to attend and complete any necessary safeguarding training as directed by IRFU and Branch/Club Welfare Officer. 

Signed by Coach/Volunteer______________________ Date: ___________ 

Signed by the CWO ____________________________ Date: __________ 

  • All relevant personnel to receive a link to the IRFU Safeguarding Policy, hp 
  • All relevant personnel working ‘regularly and continuously’ with young people to complete the vetting process (every 3-years) and the above Declaration of Intent (annually): ment.php 
  • All those assisting occasionally club with age-grade players and/or vulnerable adults should sign the Declaration of Intent annually where they do not require vetting. 
  • All assisting with age-grade and disability rugby should complete the necessary safeguarding training, as directed by the Club Welfare Officer and/or IRFU .php 
  • In conjunction with this recruitment process, the club will provide adequate supervision and necessary training to avoid the coach/volunteer having to work alone or unprepared