Trekking The Artic

Hi all one of our dedicated parents Rachel Smith, who has two children who play for our club, is raising money for Cancer Focus. Rachel has been with the club for many years and is a dedicated parent and helper behind the scenes. She is taking on a very difficult challenge by trekking the Artic in freezing conditions in aid to raise money for Cancer focus

Please can we all help support her as we would any of our members by donating what you can to this fabulous cause.

Rachels Story

Over the past ten years I have developed and managed the family service for Cancer focus Northern Ireland . We support families when a significant adult has cancer . We help children understand cancer and we help parents communicate this devastating news. A significant part of my work is supporting young parents at the end of life. Cancer doesn’t choose and it effects so many people . I realised recently that I have worked with over 500 families in the last 10 years that have a lost a parent . For myself as I single Mum this suddenly seemed enormous , So in memory of all those parents , Mums and Dads like you and me I am completing a trek in Arctic for 8 days to honour them and to raise money for the family service so that we can continue supporting families when life feels very difficult. Thank you for reading this and thank you for any support you can offer.