P6 Best Sportsman & Tackler 23/09/2017

For the next few weeks, the super skills trophy will be renamed Best Tackler. This is the one main area that lets this team down as a group. Anyone who has seen us play will not doubt the attacking ability but it is what we do without the ball that needs addressing. With this in mind the focus for the games against Cooke were on tackling. James Nelson must have been doing some super work with his Dad over the Summer as he showed great skill and determination as he “chopped” down all Cooke players, sometimes they even had the ball!! Keep up the good work James and we are all delighted with your progress.

Matthew won best sportsman for his great attitude and all round efforts shown. Matthew has a fantastic approach to his rugby and always listens and contributes thoughtfully to discussion. He continues to show great skill and is always to the forefront both in attack and defence. Keep up the good work! The rest of the boys did well too but must concentrate on their approach when defending, pushing up together as a defensive line and executing the tackle effectively. We look forward to seeing them play this weekend against Cooke and Civil Service.